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SOYES Mini XS15: The Ultimate Functional Android in a Mini Format

SOYES Mini XS15: The Ultimate Functional Android in a Mini Format

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SOYES Mini XS15: The Ultimate Functional Android in a Mini Format

SOYES Mini XS15: The Ultimate Functional Android in a Mini Format

Regular price $69.99
Regular price $69.99 Sale price $0.00
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MINI 5G Smart Phone

Android system I Mini and portable flagship configuration I Dual SIM dual standby

There are more than one reason to choose it

Slim,stylish and stylish

Mini and compact from eye to hand

Clear edges and corners,one hand control,one hand admiration,excellence is everything

Dazzling small standing edge

Light and thin without feeling,light and thin enough

Mini Body Card Size

Fashionable,portable,compact,and lightweight

Small and exquisite,the design is as small and stunning as a bank card,with a small volume that doesn't take up any space,making people love it.

Exciting and outstanding 

Outstanding appearance that I can't put down

The mini fashionable body design,simple and exquisite appearance,pure Android system,and the combination of aesthetices and technology make people satisfied.

Zhuoran Focus is readily obtainable

Fashionable and versatile colors

Mini and compact, each style is trendy and more durable,each with its own style. It is fashionable, cool, light, andfashionable, with a moment of excitement, just right.

Wanxiang Sky Light and Shadow Fall in Love

Beauty and strength

High speed network stable signa

5G network dual card dual standby

Al smart star selection and dual frequency positioning technology make your navigation precise, travel trajectory accurate, support 5G network and WiFi, and network connection high-speed and stable.

Powerful Mini Body

8.1 Android Native System

Lightweight and compact body, pure Android system, compatible with various mainstream apps, smooth and fast multitasking operation, easy to meet daily needs.

Vivid colors, smooth and silky enjoyment

3.0 high-definition large screen

A 3.0 inch high-defnition large screen with delicate and realistic image quality, visually appealing colors, and outstanding performance.

Mini body with strong strength

Flagship Multi Core Full Core Transcendence

Strong performance, strength leap, hard core processor,hard core performance brings powerful power, running smoothly and persistently.

Massive and exciting storage on the go

Large capacity and powerful equipment

8+16GB of large memory allows you to keep all the ”little beauties” in your life. With a larger and smoother memory, you can pack everything you like.

Farewell to Anxiety and High Battery

1000mAh Long Lasting Range

Type-C fast charging, Al deeply optimizes power consumption, and also has faster and safer fast charging technology, providing full power from morning to night.

llluminate you and me, beauty in every moment

High defnition camera presenting highlights

Every beat touches the heart, and with each press of the shutter,delicate colors and moving moments are presented. Amidst the distant light, the night reaches a time of confusion, restoring apure perspective.


The freeze frame is beautiful, the color style is unique,and it forms a unique shot.


No matter day or night, only by holding it steadily can beautybe more attractive.

lt's more natural to take photos if you want to

Born on camera, you shine brighter

How to take photos, how to be beautiful, so that your beauty can be clearly presented anytime and anywhere, no matter how far or near, always pursuing your charming figure and face.

Hard core strength can be easily released

Stylish and minimalist with a small figure

Mini body, small size and space saving, lightweight for travel,easy to carry.

lt's really nice to get into the show in one second

Surround stereo speaker

Amazing sound quality, entering the scene in one second,it sounds great. Surround stereo brings you clear and full sound effects, creating a cinema level auditory experience

Small, lightweight, and hard core strength

Mini body flagship configuration

Mini fashionable body design, simple and exquisite appearance, pure Android system, love everywhere,can't put it down.

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